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Who we are and what we do


EI4Q is a business forum focusing on the power of people interaction. It sets thought impulses to adapt team management, leadership and organizational design to new business situations and advances in technology.

We assess trends, innovation and disruption with a focus on harnessing the power of people. With our expertise, we set thought impulses for businesses to redesign their organization and enable talents to develop and realize their potential. 

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Our Approach

EI4Q assesses trends, innovation and disruption to understand the driving forces behind your business transformation. By applying design thinking and other methodologies, we set new standards on how to develop teams and organizations for sustainable growth and success. Personal coaching experiences compliment our people oriented approach. 

What EI4Q Stands For

EI4Q stands for people centric leadership and interaction. Here is the story of what inspired the name "EI4Q": "Q" (which stands for "Quartermaster") is the genius inventor behind James Bond's gadgets. We are big fans of actor Desmond Llewelyn's portrayal of this iconic character, perhaps because of his surprising zest for innovation despite his penchant for bureaucracy-two elements which are not generally considered complimentary to a forward-thinking mindset. Today, innovation has another face which focuses on human interaction to develop highly efficient teams and organizations. That is what EI stands for: Emotional Intelligence. Respect and an openness to collaborate are key to fruitful leadership, team interaction and performance. In today's dynamic world, leadership is the catalyst for what's next. EI4Q.

Contact us


For all inquiries, including partnerships, keynote and speaker engagements and other topics please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form below. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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